It’s gonna be hard to go back to [insert your favorite bath and body seller here] once you experience our well dressed and fragrant products made locally in Colorado.

Step out of the shower feeling a little more magical and relaxed after using one of our handmade artisan bars
The clear answer and obvious choice to rid yourself of that dirt, sweat, and stress that nature supplies us with.

Oh, and did we mention that all of our soaps are vegan and tested on humans?
It’s a natural fistful of magical cleanliness and skin hydration, all topped off with a rich lather—perfect to provide you with a relaxing and magical cleaning experience.

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Upcoming Markets!

We will be at:
Backyard Market at The Farm on 6/23,7/14 & 7/21 from 3pm -7pm MST
Springs Farmers Market at Banning Lewis Ranch on 8/5 & 8/12 from 3pm-7pm MST

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Why Research and Development is Important

Hey, there my Bubbles! I wanted to make a post with a bit of information on why R&D in the bath and body business is important. I am no expert on it but this is my take and following logical thinking.

-Finding flaws in a recipe When testing a recipe for whatever product you want to make, you may find some flaws in the recipe or in the process you are following for it. Say you are using a bath bomb recipe from someone in a place or state that has more humidity or is dryer than where you are and you have no humidifier or dehumidifier, and your bath bombs crack, crumble, or just don't seem to form correctly. Well, that's a flaw you have now found and can correct, by getting a humidifier or dehumidifier or by adjusting the recipe as need be.

-Finding uniqueness in your new product So you have a recipe from someone else but it's not performing as you would like. Well, that's where your R&D can come in handy, this would be more of the research part of it, look up kinds of butter that aren't too expensive that it breaks the bank, maybe look into a unique additive for the product that you can create a niche around. With all the testing you do you can really hone in on a niche that you can market and make a successful product line around.

-Finding suppliers that fit your values Like me, a lot of you may be looking for suppliers that fit that value and really provide ethically sourced ingredients or lab-created colorants, or even local ingredients like goat milk or animal fats if that is what your products are made with. The research part of it is what you will be doing in order to find those suppliers, and testing those items in your products is what you will need to do in the end to see if it really makes the product you are looking for, and what you want in it too. Product Packaging is another part of this too because there are eco-friendly suppliers for packaging out there but, it may not fit your budget or values even.

These are key points that I can currently think of so this one may be short but I feel these are the key points I have found to be most important to me as I try to grow and grow my product line.

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Bath Melt Disaster

Soooo…. let’s talk about bath melts and the importance of Research and Development. I have been looking to expand the products I offer, and I thought that bath melts would be a good start because I already have the ingredients I wanted to use, no need for new purchases.

But as I have found out that may not be the best idea sometimes. While making them all looked good and nothing seemed wrong. The next day a couple of them when pulled from the mold turned to a crumble, so I thought “well OK, maybe we can turn this into a bath crumble or something that I can test later.”

However when I did test the product it turned gross fast. The oils ended up sitting on top of the water and not absorbing into the water, the tub was left oily and greasy, and personally I felt like I just dumped a whole bottle of baby oil on my body.

I then spent a few hours looking into what could have gone wrong, and it turns out that I had forgotten an ingredient to allow the oils to mix with the water, and to absorb into the skin instead of looking like an oil spill in the tub. I will investigate my recipe and adjust it as necessary to see if there is a possibility of bath melts or a crumble of some type can be released and added to the shop.

So all in all, I am so extremely happy that I test all my new products in my home and on myself, so that I don’t ever release a product and you have a bad experience after buying from me. I do recommend to all of you that are bath and body product makers to do Research and Development for your products before listing them, if possible.

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Website Transition

We'd like to thank everyone for being patient with us while we transition to a new site. To show our appreciation, we have added an automatic promo code that is applied to your cart when you check out within the next two months!

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We're a small, independently-run soap company out of Colorado Springs, CO. We put 100% of our energy into making responsibly-sourced, responsibly-made, and responsibly-packaged specialty soap (and other homey goods) for you; our loyal customers. If you're interested in learning more about us, and what we do, visit our about page where you can see some recently addressed questions and answers from our community.

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