Hello! I am Tory, the owner, founder, and soapmaker of SleepyTimeSoaps. I live in Colorado, the beautiful and weather-crazy state that it is, it's home. I am a true native, born and raised.

I suppose a few Q&A's are to follow:

Like a lot of people during quarantine I needed something more to do than the day job I had, and to be fully honest I had started watching soapmaking channels on youtube and my interest went up from there, I've also always liked science so its a fun experiment every time.

They're made in my partner and I's (unfortunately small) 2 bedroom apartment. I make use of some unused space in one of the rooms for making the bars, and I keep the place very sanitary at all times. I do clean that room every time I make bars or package them I take no chance of contamination for your safety and to keep all supplies and utensils sanitary.

This depends on the bar type I am making. Recently I have been mainly making cold process bars, and not so many melt and pour bars, I use the melt and pour to make embeds more now than anything, but The process is a long and lengthy one so I have been working on a video to go onto the Youtube channel of the process I typically take in regards to this, so look forward to that.

Digital Art is one of my major hobbies that used to be my dream job, but that's a story for another time, I also enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, Dungeons & Dragons, and reading. The fairly stereotypical answer I know but all of it is truly what I enjoy.

I want to make this a full-time job, a company I can be proud of that makes beautiful and unique bars for everyone to enjoy all the time, I want to connect with my customers and hear what they really have to say about my products.

Some of the bars that I have had in my shop for a while now for example; You Can Tuck It, were cut when I had gotten my first bar cutter that is wood and shifts constantly. Other bars that are wider may be, because of the embeds I have placed in the bar. Some of them cause my current cutter to slip and shift because the embeds I use are mostly melt and pour soap embeds. Some of the embeds are also a bit large so I can't fit 10 of them on the loaf, making it a nine bar loaf, in the end, this just means you get more out of a bar in the end as a customer.