Moonlit Stroll

This is a lovely bar with colors to complement the image of walking through the park on a moonlit night in a dream of your creation. The fragrance used in this bar is Love Spell, and it's a lovely floral scent with a tone of sweet water that gives it a fresh refreshing smell too; making the feeling of walking in a forest or garden of your dreams all the better. This is a bar that will give you that lovely soft skin of your dreams as well, provided by the cocoa butter and oils beneficial for one’s skin in it. This bar is part of our Pastel Dreams collection.


Scent Profile: Floral

Category: Floral

Stock: 8

  • 1: Olive Oil
  • 2: Coconut Oil
  • 3: PalmOil
  • 4: Castor Oil
  • 5: Cocoa Butter
  • 6: Lye

size/weight: 100g | no animal testing | 100% responsibly-sourced

Tested on humans

All vegan

 Made in Colorado