Perfect Birthday

If you are looking for a bar that will remind you of being a kid in class on someone's birthday or your own, this bar is the one for you! Perfect Birthday smells just like a freshly baked vanilla cake made just for you! The colors are soft, and the scent is so warm and inviting, that it might just make you feel like a kid having the birthday of your dreams. This bar is part of the Pastel Dreams collection.


Scent Profile: Cake

Category: Bakery

Stock: 5

  • 1: Olive Oil
  • 2: Coconut Oil
  • 3: PalmOil
  • 4: Sweet Almond Oil
  • 5: Castor Oil
  • 6: lye

size/weight: 100g | no animal testing | 100% responsibly-sourced

Tested on humans

All vegan

 Made in Colorado