Spring Dream

This bar smells like walking into a botanical garden and lilac reaches you first followed by notes of lily and rose, with fresh rain on the edge. This bar is also part of the Pastel Dreams collection , the last one of it to be exact. The landscape is mountains, with a gold micha line and a beautiful blue sky behind them, making it look like the dream scenery some of us want to see all the time, or in our dreams at night.


Scent Profile: Floral

Category: Floral

Stock: 4

  • 1: Olive Oil
  • 2: Coconut Oil
  • 3: PalmOil
  • 4: Castor Oil
  • 5: Cocoa Butter
  • 6: Lye

size/weight: 100g | no animal testing | 100% responsibly-sourced

Tested on humans

All vegan

 Made in Colorado