Secret Getaway

Ever wondered where the pirates went to get away from the law and enjoy a tankard of rum? To their secret getaway of course! You too can getaway from it all with ‘Secret Getaway’, scented like bay rum, and the winds over the ocean, you’ll always smell like you’re on vacation, somewhere on an island, away from the stresses of life.


Scent Profile: Bay Rum

Category: Bay Rum

Stock: 6

  • 1: Canola
  • 2: Oil
  • 3: CocoButter
  • 4: Castor Oil
  • 5: PalmOil
  • 6: Lye
  • 7: Micha Colorant
  • 8: Fragrence Oil

size/weight: 100g | no animal testing | 100% responsibly-sourced

Tested on humans

All vegan

 Made in Colorado