Cake You Bath Bomb

Is it a donut? Is it a bath bomb? Yes. These delicious smelling (but not very tasty) donut bath bombs smell exactly like a frosted vanilla birthday cake. With a cocoa butter frosting and sprinkles sure to delight, they’re the perfect birthday bomb. Oh, and as an added bonus, they won’t stain your tub either ;).


Scent Profile: Bakery

Category: Bakery

Stock: 4

  • 1: Baking Soda
  • 2: Cream if Tartar
  • 3: SLSA
  • 4: Kaolin Clay
  • 5: Fragrence Oil
  • 6: Citric Acid

size/weight: 100g | no animal testing | 100% responsibly-sourced

Tested on humans

All vegan

 Made in Colorado